Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wedding Deal of the Day! Stampin' Style with Wedding Paper Divas

Doing it DIY can be the best way to go for budget brides; plus it is tons of fun not only planning but also collecting the pieces to help with you craft creations. One often overlooked goodie is the stamp -- not TOTALLy overlooked just that it can take on more of a down home, cheapish quality if not done right. 

Courtesy of Allyson Murphy

Our advice: Use stamps as an accent for place cards, out of town bags, thank you notes, return address or even on programs. Choose a simple, uncomplicated design -- initials, hearts, birds -- or custom create one with your monogram.

To help you out we have our Wedding Deal of the Day with Wedding Paper Divas -- HOORAY! 
The weekly Wedding Deal of the Day from Wedding Diva is 50% Off their best-selling signature circle design custom stamp. Love it! Wish I had had it!

This sale is only valid for one day only and ends tomorrow at 9:00am PT. Just use the promo code 50DEAL0207 to save 50%. You can also get 25% off all other stamps using the code 25DEAL0207.

Check out their daily deal page for this special offer and make your new life a little easier. 

Oh and P.S. If you haven't even started planning yet, they also have totally chic invitationssave the dates, and all of the good stuff you need for the big day. 

Have a happy day!


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