About Us

Hey there Lovelies! I'm Mellissa de and this is de Lovely Affair, a unique, crafty, and practical wedding planning resource for modern multicultural couples. We love to explore world traditions and customs, fusion, and international weddings. Our team of craft mavens help out with DIY projects and budget boosting wedding decor ideas. We believe that  all couples should have the wedding of their dream for less green and our practical wedding planning tools show you how. What is a wedding blog without gorgeous wedding photography and real couples?  We cover hip trends and green choices, sample delicious cuisines, discuss cultural difficulties, recommend quality vendors and review real destinations.  It may seem like a large canvas to fill but what wedding isn’t. This is where inspiration starts. This is where we Reimagine Weddings and Rediscover Culture.

The Inspiration? My husband is Brazilian and I am American and we needed to plan two weddings; the first, a multicultural wedding combining my husband’s Brazilian culture with my American culture and the second, a destination wedding in his hometown in Brazil for his family and friends.  Very soon, I realized how few resources catered solely to multicultural, multiethnic and multiracial couples, for weddings here or abroad.  So why not fill in the gap?!

Have a topic you'd like us to cover? Interested in partnering with us or supporting our work? Perhaps you have a way with words and think writing for us would be the bee's knees?  Well send us an email and let the loveliness start! You can contact us directly at: delovelyaffairevents [a] gmail.com

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