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5 Wedding Planning Tasks for Your Groom

The Groom, a wedding duo's often overlook other half, plays an important role as a support system, planning partner, sounding board, an ear for venting, a picker upper of pieces for his bride-to-be. He may be content to officially "pitch-in" when asked or perhaps just manage non-wedding life, the house, the bills, the car. My husband put in a new kitchen floor during our wedding planning process.

However, you might be surprised when he steps up and knocks your wedding planning socks off! (You never know, he could be all over the wedding color palette scene, a star Pinterest pinner (follow dLA HERE), or top wedding blog contributor. Hey, it could happen!)  Either way, planning a wedding is a trial run for how you will work together, handle big problems and tough conversations, and celebrate triumphs as a married couple. Make it count.

Here are five helpful tasks for your groom to tackle:


Plan the budget - One of the most important and probably most unpleasant wedding planning tasks to tackle. Shang Chen, creator of the Wedding MBA series, penned a great article on real wedding budgets, online budgeting tools, and logical thinking behind each line item....the things you don't what to think about but should. Her best advice for cutting down wedding costs: invite fewer people.
Choose groomsmen's attire - Encourage your sweetie to be as creative and personal as he wants! If bow ties and argyle socks are his thing, go for it. Chucks and anything but a tux, right on. However, if you are insistent on a particular color palette, make sure he has swatches to match before he sets his heart on that seriously off tone tie.
Plan the rehearsal dinner - The rehearsal dinner is a small but important wedding event and a great place to let your groom cut his planning teeth. Less attention to detail, fewer decisions, more fun. And considering the parents of the groom usually pay for this event, he will always have his mother for back up help! Check out my article on planning rehearsal dinners over on Wedding Window where I am a guest blogger.  
 via Wed Loft
Arrange wedding day transportation - Limo, fancy car, trolley or train, transportation and logistics are all about getting you to and from the church on time.  Remember to negotiate and search for the best deal but still check out the company's rep for being on time and safety. They've got precious cargo!

Plan the honeymoon - Is it true what they say - brides care about the wedding while the grooms care about honeymoon? Whether you are surprising your bride with specifics or not, remember to discuss general honeymoon wishes (beach, no beach, Europe, South America) BEFORE you book! You might consider signing up for a honeymoon registry, like Honeymoon Wishes*, to help with the is a great idea if you already have a house FULL of kitchen appliances you hardly use. If you do opt for a relaxing beach honeymoon, here are our Top 10 Warm Weather Escapes.

Remember: A wedding is a massive undertaking, definitely not a one-woman show. Even if your fiance is aesthetically challenged when choosing centerpieces or favors, he can be involved in so many other ways. So, give him a chance to show you he can handle anything you throw at him, be it alter flowers or a kitchen floor.

What other tasks do you think would be perfect for your groom or any groom? Please let us know by commenting below. We will be compiling responses and posting the best on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Happy Planning, Enjoy the Process, Have a deLicious Day!

* I was a Honeymoon Wishes bride and have recently been signed on as an affiliate.


  1. Hi Mellissa,
    What a great article! Planning the budget is a great task for the groom and we've found men generally tend to like getting involved with financial tasks. In fact, our recent research found that over 55% of people who purchased wedding insurance were male.

  2. Hey Adam! Thanks so much! Glad you liked it. I would agree, grooms do tend to like the financial side and like to be on the safe side! What other ideas do you have for groom participation?

  3. If you're having arranged seating, organising the seating plan is something else that the Groom could perhaps do.

    Or perhaps he could arrange the rehearsal dinner? I think you already suggested that though.

    I think there's a lot the groom can get involved in. From a male point of view, I don't think we're that bothered about colour schemes, table linen or flowers, but I do think we want to get involved in planning a wedding where we can. I know I did and I think most grooms probably do too.

  4. I would totally agree with you! A marriage is a partnership and so is wedding planning. There are so many things that go into a wedding and grooms are perfectly suited and eager to do lots of them.
    Music is another big one - choosing the DJ or even putting together a song list.
    Bar - If having a do it yourself bar, he can round up all the alcohol or even make the signature drink!

    Thanks for the comments!


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