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Love Birds Decor: Wedding Trend Predictions for 2013 by Art Deco Gal

We're Birds of a Feather, You and I.

Hello, love birds! Your heart all aflutter with wedding planning for next year? Looking for the hottest wedding trends to make your shindig the party of the year? Look no further, Art Deco Gal has the trend forecast for you right here on de Lovely Affair. So far, I've covered stylish wedding dresses, the popular rainbow color palette and this week, I'm all about Birds- the go-to wedding theme and decor piece for 2013.

Photo via Bower Power Blog

Birds are going to be everywhere; big ones, little ones, gracing invitations, hanging from ceilings, topping cakes; couples are branding their wedding from beginning to end with these feathered friends. Whimsical, romantic, and charming, a perfect compliment to outdoor, woodsy, garden and DIY weddings. “Everybody’s heard, bird, bird,bird…bird is the word”; you heard it here first.

Here are some of my favorite unique bird decor ideas for your wedding. There are so many variations of this theme, so, pardon the pun, let your imagination take flight!

Bird’s Nests 

We have great DIY project ideas for these two bird themed wedding decor pieces coming up soon.

Bird Cake Toppers

Bird Houses as Favors, Card Boxes, and Decor

Photo by Kate Hamilton

Photo by Kate Brissenden

Birds on a Wire

Photo via Pottery Barn

Paper Bird Garland

Photo via Emmaline Bride

We found a super cute DIY project for this over at Once Wed! Stay tuned for all the deets.
Photo via Once Wed

And last but not least, the ever popular Bird Cage, perfect for cards, as a centerpiece, dessert display, place card holder, suspended decor, candles, flowers, food....the list goes on!!

Here's a super cute Love Bird Board we found over at Things Festive that just about sums it up!

Photo via Things Festive

And there you have it - my Wedding Decor Trend Prediction for 2013. In my personal opinion, the Love Bird Wedding theme is one of the cutest I've seen by far. It can be incorporated into any style wedding - vintage (swoon), rustic, outdoors, whimsical, garden, it works everywhere! Just remember to take the theme from beginning - save the dates, all the way through to the end of your big day - thank you cards for a cohesive and branded wedding look.

What other bird ideas do you think will be a big hit in 2013? We'd love for you to join in the conversation over on Twitter and Facebook. Won't you stop by and say hi?

Have a delightful day!
Clare - Art Deco Gal

P.S. Remember to check out my other 2013 Wedding Trend Predictions - Wedding Dress Styles and Rainbow Color Palette. And next week, I'll have a go at Wedding Flowers!

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  1. You used my terra cotta bird new without permission and without credit...please remove it! Thank you.


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