Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Beach Wedding Week} Not your everyday Engagement Session

Happy Valentine's Day dearest de Lovlies, here on our second day of Beach Wedding Week! I hope this day is full of love and sweetness for you....and chocolate hearts. Despite the bad rap it gets from some, this is a day, above all others, to express to your sweetie and loved ones why they have captured your heart. Enjoy the sappiness! If you are in need of last minute Valentine's Day cards, we have some free Valentine's printables and projects perfect for you. Easy, Peasy!

Speaking of capturing hearts, this engagement session from Caitlin Wood of Photography by Caitlin, in Newport, RI, hit me in the sweet spot. I love love and this was a little tear jerker for me. Why? Because it is not your everyday engagment shoot. This couple let their passion for life and each other dictate this special moment. For avid surfers and beach lovers Bridget Butler and John Ruggieri, these photos capture exactly who they are as a couple.

This is one of my favorites because you know they are so happy at this exact moment!

My husband and I tried surfing on our honeymoon and were, well how do you say it, less than successful. Kudos to Bridget and John, for a couple that plays together, stays together!

While John and Bridget weren't originally going to have an engagement session, they were happy to work out the jitters with Caitlin before their wedding day.  E-sessions help couples feel comfortable in front of the camera and allow photographers get a better idea of the couple's personality. And you never know, all these awesome photos may come in handy for their Save the Date or as reception decorations. What better way to personalize your wedding celebration than with photos of doing exactly what you love with who you love.

Thanks you to Caitlin for these super awesome photos...a perfect additional to our Beach Wedding Week. You brought the good stuff and we look forward to featuring your work in the furture! Caitlin is available for weddings, portraits and all the important moments of your life.

Photography by Caitlin
491 Thames St. Newport, RI.
(401) 480-0466

Hope your rest of the week is de Lovely; join us for more Beach Wedding Week as we gear up for great wedding inspriation and Carnaval here in Brazil!



  1. It would take a lot of guts to take professional photos in a swim suit!

  2. Ha, great point! I guess getting comfortable goes both ways! Thanks for the comment.


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