Monday, August 13, 2012

{Real Engagement} Brittany & Billy's Chalk War

The Colors of Love - Unique Engagement Photo Ideas

You just can't help but adore when couples step outside the traditional box for engagement photos and do something a little wild and totally fun. And why not - love is active and alive and so should be your engagement photos! I say, don't be afraid to get dirty in love or look silly doing things that make you happy with the one who makes you happiest!

Enter Brittany and Billy, a super fun couple who chose a colorful and spontaneous way to show off their love and personalities - an all out Chalk War.  I can only imagine how much fun this chalk, the powdered kind not the sticks from school, session must have been for the newlyweds to be and the photographers, Photo Announce It out of Florida. Thanks for the submission through Two Bright Lights!

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? Enjoy!

I just love this next series of pictures! The chalk attack followed by a love attack. They are so cute!

What an amazingly fun engagement shoot! The colors and chalk remind me of Holi, the Hindu festival of spring and colors....a great global inspiration.

Now Billy and Brittany DID take some photos with clean clothes and we are excited to share those with you a little later. Thanks again to Photo Announce It for this lovely e-sesh which reminds us that life gets a little messy but in the end it is all about the LOVE.

What are some other "messy" engagement session ideas? Would you do something like this or is keeping it clean a better way to go?  Leave us a comment below and then pop over to FACEBOOK for more ideas!

Make your day COLORFUL,

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