Thursday, October 28, 2010

{Thrifty Thursday} Your Good Fortune

Here is a Thrifty favor idea to help stretch a dollar for those who have only a few but want their wedding to feel like a million bucks.  Fortune cookies - yes I know, they get a bad rap; the stale, cardboardish, plastic wrapped, questionably edible "cookie" you get from take out Chinese places.  Truth is, they are a sweet, affordable, and personal ending to your already fabulous wedding.

There are a number of different routes you can choose for your cookies. You can go slightly more expensive and purchase personalized fortune cookies OR go thrifty and gather your ladies for a favor making party.   So we’ll go thrifty, since this is Thursday and the thrifty way, in my humble opinion, is just a lot more fun and memorable; the idea of lovingly assembling your own wedding favors with a gaggle of giggling bridesmaids, makes me smile. So let's get to it.
What do you need?  Cookies, dipping sauces/frosting, sprinkles if you choose, boxes and ribbons, and if you go the totally self made way, paper, printer, scissors.  

Cookies - There are a number places on the internet to purchase regular fortune cookies, with fortunes already inside.  The Oriental Trading Company offers a great deal with 50 for $6.99.  Another option is making them yourself – hence the need for a girl party. Here is a great tutorial/recipe for personalized cookies. I love the idea however as a stressed out bride,  you may not have to time since the cookies should be relatively fresh.

Delicious Dipping – For an extra touch of class and decadence, how about serving up cookies partially dipped in all sorts of yummy flavors?   Here is a super easy recipe for Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies using semi-sweet chocolate chips that just about anyone can master.  You can do the same with white chocolate, peanut butter or caramel chips. You can even add color or festive sprinkles to match your wedding color scheme.

Final Touch - Remember, presentation goes a long way in pulling off thrift. Head over to your local crafts store or online crafts vendor  for some favor or jewelry boxes, appropriately colored tissue paper and satin or grosgrain ribbon.  You might want to tuck in a sweet note of thanks or even a small love poem before your tie up your favor treat.   A label with your names and wedding date attached to the box or tied on the ribbon is nice but not necessary....they did get the invite after all

So there you have it, {Thrifty Thrusday} Your Good Fortune, a smart, delicious way to say thank you to your guests.  Enjoy!

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Top and Middle: Exclusively Wedding
Bottom: Sophia's Favors

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