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Rainbow Wedding Decor - Top Trend for 2013 by Art Deco Gal

Looking forward to a wedding next year and want to know the hottest wedding trends for 2013? Look no further, Art Deco Gal has the trend forecast for you right here on de Lovely Affair. Each week I'll bring you the best for the 2013 wedding season, from wedding dresses to decorations, bridesmaids, themes, and flowers. And other predictions you'd like me to make, just let us know.

Today is all about THE hot trend in wedding d├ęcor for 2013 - Rainbow Colors. If the devil's in the details, look no further than this bold prediction!

Rainbow Wedding Decor - It's a Skittles world out there!

2013 wedding trends,

I guess everything old really IS new again! Rainbows are BACK and these bold colors are going to be THE popular theme for weddings next year! A confident couple with outside the box thinking is likely to pull this off - a color explosion is not for the faint of heart. This loud, vivid color palette screams fun and frivolity, joy and pure happiness, so be prepared!

Photo via St. George Weddings (decor) & Weddingish (flowers)

From dresses to lanterns and pinwheels, wedding cakes to guest favors, rainbows are popping up everywhere! I'm keen on the idea of showcasing all colors so that no one color is dominant, quite a departure from the monochromatic palettes we have been seeing lately. Remember to temper it with white or neutral as this color scheme can appear harsh and tacky when overdone. Think My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding....yeah that kind of tacky. Done right - super tasteful!

rainbow color palette

I think a perfect place to put this trend front and center is with the ladies! Bridesmaids dressed in brilliant rainbow colors are a natural compliment to the bride's traditional white attire. Talk about POP! Tie it all with flowers, each girl with the same color as her dress or mix them all together for each bouquet - just keep the colors consistent. Make sure your bouquet is an explosion of the same colors to keep the wedding brand going!

Photo via Emmaline Bride (top) and Modern Wedding Blog (bottom)

Truth be told, there is no hard and fast rule about which form your rainbow colors take - they don't have to be in a straight line. Try to add different variations, mix it up and have some fun playing with the hues and the color palettes.

Last but not least, offer of a rainbow of sweet treats that are sure to please any palette! Dessert tables and candy bars are by nature bright and vivid to attract the wandering guest - sort of like a bee to a flower. A color overload here is flavorful and fun, a delicious way to say thank you for being part of our day!  And with so many candies and sweets to choose from, this should be relatively easy to create DIY style and on a budget.

Photo board via Bridal Tweet

Hope you've enjoyed our romp around rainbow wedding land - there are so many gorgeous wedding images and ideas from which to choose! The most important thing I can say is - take it and make it your own, have fun with this wedding trend and don't be afraid of color! Make sure to head over to Pinterest and check out de Lovely Affair for more trend ideas.

Make Your World Colorful,
Clare - Art Deco Gal

P.S. You can follow Clare and all her vintagie goodness on her blog aptly titled Art Deco Gal


  1. I love rainbow and colorful weddings. It just says how fun and delightful the couple is and makes for a wonderful day full of happiness and cheer!

    1. My thoughts exactly! It takes a bold, fun couple to pull off a rainbow palette, although there are so many variations of the theme that any couple can do it! Thanks for the comment. Mellissa


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