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Mini Succulents: Perfect eco-friendly wedding favors, gifts, centerpieces

Growing up, my dad had succulents in the yard of his California home. And he always watered them, which at 10 years old always struck me as odd. Since then, I have had a secret love affair with these strange, wonderful little plants.  So I thought I would share a fabulous idea for incorporating succulents into your wedding as part of our Mexican Inspiration Wedding weekAnd while, they are not necessarily from Mexico per se, they do a evoke a sense of desert, dry air, abundant sun that can be found down South. 

Photo Source: left Martha Stewart Weddings | right Yes Please Blog
Mini succulents in aged terracotta pots are eco-friendly, super chic, and make the perfect favor or gift for your wedding guests, centerpiece or a simple, sweet decor piece. The endurance of the succulent plant is unequaled and will leave guests with a lasting and easy-to-care-for reminder of your wedding -- all they need is good drainage and sun.

Source: My One Sweet Day 
You'll need:
  • Succulents - Go for a variety of different types to add some visual interest. Mini succulents are sold at gardening centers all over the place and are usually reasonably priced.
  • Containers - Mini terracotta pots, small tin pails, or even recycled containers (a great DIY project for using peanut cans) - I found my containers at Family Dollar actually but Home Depot or your local gardening center (my preference to support local businesses) or craft store will do.  Obviously, make sure the size will fit your plant.
  • Succulent appropriate potting soil 
  • Embellishments - ribbon, note cards, sticks, moss
Source: Santa Barbara Chic
Source: My Ten Tho Wedding
This is a super simple project and a great way to get friends and family members involved in wedding prep.  Try to do this about a week or so ahead of your wedding date, enough time to let the plants take hold in their new home. Make a few extra just in case.

  • Fill your container with potting soil.
  • Transplant succulent to pot - Make sure to water them three times that first day and then once every following day. It sounds like a lot of water for succulents, but they need it when they’re this small.  Keep in an area that allows for drainage, never let them stay in standing water.
  • Add embellishments: Print or write out your message on card stock, fold around stick and glue or tape together, stick in the pot. Add a ribbon in your wedding color around the rim.  You can attach your message to the ribbon or even directly on the container as seen below. Add moss to the top to finish out the look or leave the soil as is.         

I so {heart} this! Source: Elizabeth Anne Design
Source: The Knot
 Mason jelly jars are a great choice! Source: Wedding Chicks

If you decide to go with terracotta - my favorite choice, here is a technique for adding that aged look.  It is best to do about a month in advance so give yourself a little time.  
Key ingredient: Yogurt! You will also need a foam brush.

  • Stir yogurt for smooth consistency.
  • Brush yogurt on your pot in generous amounts. It yields more dramatic results when applied to dry pot. For a subtler look, soak the pots in water for 15 minutes first.  For a more natural look, brush on unevenly
  • Set aside in a shaded place until pot achieves the desired look, at least 1 month.

FYI: The yogurt method attract ants (if outside) and will smell bad for the first few days. Place the pot in a location where this will not create a problem. 

Sources: | Martha Stewart Wedding

There you have it, enjoy the project!  Have a deLicious day!


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