Friday, November 5, 2010

‎{Thrifty Thursday} on Friday - DIY project

Sorry it has to be ‎{Thrifty Thursday} on Friday, yesterday was my birthday and I needed to take a computer break. But here is you dose of thrift... a sweet, simple and thrifty idea from Beantown Bride to add a little light and whimsy to your celebration. Super easy and within any budget.

From Kate on Beantown Bride (my Editor in Chief over there):
Fill mason jars with candles and string them from trees (or other stationery objects, such as tent poles) and light them when the sun begins to set. For an extra special touch, tie them with ribbons matching your wedding day color scheme. 

Photo Credit: KristinStudio
Here are some other cute photos along the same line. I always thought this was a super cute idea and really wanted it at my Commander's Mansion wedding. 

Photo Credit: The Knot

Photo Credit: The Knot

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