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Guest Blogger - Miss Aimee, An Engagement Tease

So Lovlies, I want to introduce to you to the newest member to the deLovely family, a bride-to-be with sass, style and a vision all her own.  She and her sweetie are the very definition of modern day multicultural couple...they are young, cool, making their way in the world but also proud their background.  I am so excited that Miss Aimee has agreed to let us into her own wedding planning world...with all its ups and downs, joy, laughter and love.  She will be guest blogger her way to aisle and we couldn’t be more excited for her.  So without further adieu, I give you our very first Guest Blogger and a sneak peak at her out of this world engagement shoot...and seriously folks, check out those shoes....to literally die for...literally.

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Hey everyone, I’m Aimee and I’m a bride to be but even more than that I am someone who was lucky enough to find their soul mate. A wedding is just one day within the many days you are about to share with your significant other, something I pride myself in remembering each and every day. Beyond that I thrive on being a bit of a domesticated diva at home and strive to always life live as I wish as opposed to the “norm” of society. I love to do anything that allows my creativity and desire to be anything but cookie cutter shine through. I treasure life for exactly what it is and look toward the potential of the future. I believe giving back to others, is more important than being the one on the receiving end. I am lucky enough to have met the person who not only exudes those same values but is one of the most selfless, caring and amazing people I have ever met.

How did you meet? 
Believe it or not the actual spot we first met was demolished, Goodtimes Emporium, in Somerville and is slated to soon be an Ikea. It doesn’t hurt that we both love the Swedish home products company so we will surely be back for a nostalgic visit. It was a simple meeting of the minds (and an insatiable love for live music shows) that brought us to the once live music venue to see some local bands back in 2004. And the truth is I don't remember the bands but I do recall exactly how handsome Jason looked as he walked in that night and exactly how much my heart skipped a beat when we first spoke. And as they would say, the rest is history…

How did Jason propose? That little part I am going to keep a secret, but needless to say Jason organized a little thing in my favorite little spot and of course I said yes...nuff said. Over the 7 yrs together, we have prided ourselves in being anything but the norm. When you see what others are doing, why want to be like them? Take a hold of your own life’s reigns and dare to be different! At a young age we all grow up seeing the movies where the man scatters rose petals, there is champagne and maybe some violin music rolling over the credits to some that may be romantic but to me it’s just ordinary. One of the things I love most about myself, my fiancĂ© and my relationship is we have never been another carbon copy of what a couple is and neither was our engagement. I will say that it was something so very “us” without all of the fluff that countless couples before us have done. It was unique, original and completely encompassed the past 7 years we have been together.

Tell us about your engagement shoot: Our photographer is the amazing Nikki LanoueShe was not only professional but a complete joy to work with. It's great to have someone working with you who not only understands your concept but has a true excitement for your vision. The shoot was basically a culmination of everything we encompass. We love to be different yet take inpisration from those before us who not only did it their own way but did what made them happy regardless of society. James Dean, Rita Hayworth, Elvis Presley, Veronica Lake were people who exuded such amazing style, confidence and originality, we had no choice but to gather our shoot inspiration from a retro point of view. We are both truly old souls who find these eras not only exciting and inspiring but truly capture the simple essence of what mattered in life, the people and the feeling. I mean just look back at those amazing Hollywood kisses many stars shared, pure passion.

So with all that, I am looking forward to keeping people on their toes. I am excited to be as non-blue print wedding as possible. For me it’s one day before the rest of your days together, so why not make it entirely original? If I’ve seen it done before, I don’t want to do it-creativity is key! And I can't wait to share it with you!

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Stay tuned because over the next week we will be featuring more of Aimee and Jason's engagement shoot! I can't wait!  You can also check our her blog When Me Becomes We , where she chronicles her life with Jason as a couple, their two story fixer upper, and what it is really like to become a WE. Not to be missed, I promise!

If you could be born into any era, which one would it be?

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Have a deLicious day!

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