Thursday, October 18, 2012

{Inspiration} A Pillow Fight & Props - Spicing Up A Wedding Photo Session

Using props is becoming more and more popular in wedding shoots these days. I love the idea of gathering items that mean something to you as a couple and showing them off as a window into your personality.  Big, small, lavish, or simple, props can make a huge visual impact in your pictures -- and as with this styled engagement session sent over by Tiffany Amber Photography, they can be a whole lot of fun, as well. So let go of the traditional, embrace the different, introduce color, texture, light, and laughter....use props to enhance your photo session experience with your sweetie and your photographer. 

Here are some of my favorites of Cherissa and Chad a super sweet couple from San Juan, CA. Photographer Tiffany Henson shared: This couple is full of love and laughs! Chad is a goofyball who makes Cerissa smile every second of the day! They are truly meant for each other. There are couples who love each other and then there are couples who are so in love its contagious. That is Chad and Cerissa. They are best friends who fell in love, and are living their Happily Ever After! 

Cerissa and Chad are just way too cute for their own good -- I absolutely adore all the special touches they used in this shoot --from the location all the way down to the ceramic owl. A Pillow Fight? Genius -- for fun, frivolity, and as Tiffany Amber Photography shows us, way cool finished product!

Congratulations to Cerissa and Chad, and many thanks to Tiffany for sharing this awesome shoot with us through Two Bight Lights.  

Are you using props for your engagement shoot? What item is the best representation of your personality? Leave us a comment below so we can share with all our followers on Twitter!

Make it fun, make it happy,


  1. Maybe you don't want Cerissa Riley as the face promoting your service, considering she's been charged with multiple counts of helping her boyfriend (not Chad -- Grant) drug and rape women. Just a thought.

    1. *Has not been charged yet. This is America, innocent until proven guilty.


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