Friday, March 4, 2011

Remember Spring? DIY Vases for flowers and favors + chalkboard paint

So I just happened upon a wonderful blog called A Subtle Revelry by Victoria Hudgins and suddenly I am seriously in love. I have been thinking spring is so close around the corner that we could all use some inspiration and UP popped this little gem of a site.  So without further delay, I bring you this great DIY vase idea from Vanessa that you can use for your next bridal party, wedding, event.  All you need: jars, chalkboard paint (she has a recipe...LOVE) and a little patience for drying time!
Photography: Charlotte Jenks Lewis
To this DIY project from Simple Revelry: Save a handful of glass product jars and soak in hot water to remove labels easily. Tape off the top and bottom of your paint line and use colored chalkboard paint to fill in between. You can purchase chalkboard paint at your local hardware store or follow Vanessa's homemade chalkboard paint tutorial for making it at home. Let your paint dry and remove tape before writing a sweet note of thanks!
I love the look of one stem in each jar, simple, clean sweet, reminds me of spring.
Have a deLicious day. Enjoy the good stuff.

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