Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Inspiration Board} Red & Lavender Wedding Colors

Red & Lavender 

Setting up our new de Lovely Affair office here in LA has inspired a new love affair with this fresh, vintage feeling wedding color combo. I love the boldness of the rich red together with the subtlety and shade variety of the lavender, from dusky tones to light and sweet!

This is a perfect color palette for a bold bride who just does not do summertime pastels or blush, lemonade, cotton candy or any other variation of pink! What I love most about this duo, it can be used successfully and with great flair in any season. Whether a vintage summer wedding, an outdoor fete full of natural fall light, or a modern spring affair awash in pale tones, red and lavender is elegant, sophisticated with playful and sassy side thrown in for fun.  With tones across the color spectrum, the options with these two beauties are endless AND you will never be at a loss for gorgeous wedding florals!

And now back to the office decoration! Pictures soon! And make sure you check back soon for my Wedding Color Series that will be featured over on Wed Loft, the blog of Wedding Window. Anything and everything you would ever want to know about wedding colors.

What do you like most about this color combo? Would you use it for your wedding? Leave us a comment below and then head over to TWITTER and FACEBOOK to check out the rest of the convo! I love chatting it up with the ladies over color and weddings. Le sigh!

Have a colorful day!

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