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Art Deco Gal's Guide to Kick Ass Bachelorette Parties, Pt 1

You're Officially Invited! 

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So you’ve been tasked with planning the bachelorette party and want it to be as unique as your bride? Tired of the same old feather boas and ladies night out?  Well, have I got some kick ass alternative bachelorette party ideas for you and your bridal bestie! In fact, there are so many awesome options, you'll get TWO posts today instead of the usual let's go!

Vintage Bride
Organize a vintage pinup makeover, complete with retro clothes shopping spree and a vintage inspired boudoir shoot for your better halves. Serve cupcakes and champagne filled teacups as a lovely alternative to cocktails. Then again speakeasy cocktails will always do. How about a burlesque lesson or retro dance classes? Put on your flapper dress and learn the Charleston, roaring '20's style!

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  • DIY Bride? Organize a vintage fascinator or hair accessory party and make something to wear at the wedding! 
  • Arrange an evening at a roller disco with full on outfits and games.
  • Stage a Clue style murder mystery party and dress up in 192os or 30s costumes! 

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Total Foodie
There are a million and one options for your foodie bride! Really try to tailor it especially for her likes and tastes. You may need to consult her sweetie on this one.
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  • Go on a wine tour followed by tasting sessions
  • Make your own ice cream with crazy flavors or take group confectionary cooking class! 
  • Try Japanese cooking, or attend a Chinese tea service. 
  • Ask all the guests to bring a recipe or a cocktail recipe and make a personalized recipe book up for the bride to have as a keepsake of the day! 
  • Who doesn’t love a cupcake? Go to cupcake classes and enjoy the cakes with champagne later on in the day!

bachelorette winery
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Creative Cat
This is where you can really let your imagination run wild, and for a fraction of the price of a professionally organised event! I like the idea of a Make Something Party...of course bring along the food and drink, potluck style!

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  • Design t-shirts and wear them out later, design and create your own bridesmaid's dresses, hand paint gorgeous shoes, make hats or fascinators for the big day.
  • Get painting lessons and paint a picture or even have a still life model to ogle whilst you are doing it. 
  • Make a bunting for the reception out of old bed covers or materials that the girls bring along.
  • Record a song together or make an amateur movie to show at the wedding for fun.
  • Have a pottery lesson and make some nice items for the bride to be’s home.
  • Make some jewellery and buy or make her a beautiful box to keep it all in.

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There are just so many amazing ideas out there for the bride who just isn't into strippers, bars, and boas. Create something as original, unique and as filled with personality and quirk as she is. Stay turned for PART 2 of Art Deco Gal's Guide to Kick Ass Bachelorette Parties coming up later today.

What other alternatives to Bachelorette Parties do you have in mind? We would love to add them to our Kick Ass list! 

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Have a darling day!

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  1. Glad you like them Melissa! Would you add any other ideas to the guide?

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