Friday, June 8, 2012

{Real Wedding} Jamie & Eamon Do Modern Vintage

Jamie & Eamon at Franklin Plaza

You may remember that colorific carnival engagement shoot I shared with you last Friday from Joe Elario Photography. Well oh happy day, we have Jamie and Eamon's gorgeous wedding too, and they sure did it up with their modern vintage style. A gorgeous neutral color palette and Jamie's birdcage veil combined with stately architecture and an antique car take us back a generation or two. 

I was so beyond thrilled when JP sent over this wedding; there is something heartfelt about starting with the engagement session and seeing it through to the I Do's. As it turns out, these high school sweethearts were married ten years to the day of their first date. Super swoon! They are so  adorable and we are happy to able to bring you their version of a perfect day! 

We begin our journey at Franklin Plaza in Troy, NY.  Gorgeous lines, roman style columns and arched window make for a stunning backdrop.

Photographer JP:
We arrived at the hotel where the ladies were getting ready. Sitting in a stool in her robe was Jamie getting some final touches from
 Flawless by Tina. So we shot a ton of getting ready stuff then it was out to the mean streets of Troy (kidding) for some portraits with Jamie and the girls. These photos are some of my favorite images yet!

Be still my peony loving heart - seriously, I believe the best wedding flower ever! Delicate and full all at the same time, this blush bouquet, designed by JP's wife, Miss Fleurtacious Designs, is a perfect complement to Jamie's fitted mermaid wedding gown. I applaud her choice of a bold lip color and lovely birdcage veil to complete her modern vintage wedding look.

These images are breathtaking - Jamie is a gorgeous bride and Eamon is a lucky man. JP did an amazing job capturing the essence of the moment.

The ceremony took place St. Augustine's Catholic Church in Troy, NY, which was filled with family and friends. JP really took advantage of the church's architectural structures -  arches, ceiling, lines - to create a sense depth and scale.

JP: We loved shooting in the church because of the light, and the AC. Eamon told me he was a little nervous too. Jamie seemed pretty cool even when “here comes the bride” started playing. Once they were pronounced husband and wife it was off to some awesome spots in downtown Troy. We captured some incredible photos and then had them off to Franklin Plaza where this bride and groom attended their cocktail hour.

A perfect sliver of light falls at exactly the right moment. I love how it illuminates her veil!

And another one peeks through the window!

JP: So on Jamie’s Facebook she asked her friends “vintage rolls royce or vintage bentley????” I voted Bentley. I won.

Modern vintage at its very best - glam bride, handsome groom, to die for Bentley!

JP: The party started off right in the hands the Mike Emery’s New York Players where there’s no stopping that force. The result, a packed dance floor all night long. Both Jamie and Eamon were on that dance floor all night long except when they were goofing in the Elario Photo Booth! 

Well there you have it, the sophisticated yet fun, vintage yet modern, visually beautiful and pulling on your heartstrings real wedding of Jamie and Eamon. Thank you again to the awesome team over at Joe Elario Photography and especially JP for his excitement over this feature. Well done, sir, well done - can't get enough of this couple! Joe Elario Photography is a fabulous father and son wedding photography team known for their style, stellar reputation and reliability. The duo is available to shoot weddings & events in Albany, Saratoga Springs, Lake George, & NY. 

What do you think of Jamie's look? Are you thinking of going vintage modern for you wedding? We'd love to know your plans!

Go with the good stuff,

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