Tuesday, July 17, 2012

{de Lovely Idea} Free People's DIY Light Bulb Vases

You know here at de Lovely Affair, we are all about practical planning, recycled decor, DIY wedding goodness, and getting the most out of your skimpy wedding budget. So when I found this just adorable idea reusing old light bulbs...yes light bulbs, as flower vases, I knew that this little project was right up your alley. Gotta love great recycling/upcycling ideas and the best part is that everyone has light bulbs to donate!

Thinking to try your hand at this darling hanging light bulb vase? Free People has an easy as pie step by step tutorial for you. Get your supplies ready: dead light bulb, floral wire, wire cutters, your favorite ribbon (even though they used fabric) and of course flowers!

I could definitely see these at both outdoor and indoor weddings or family events. Imagine hundreds of these pretties hanging over a dance floor or Newlyweds table? Will you be that ambitious bride? Well, get to collecting those bulbs cause this is one de LOVELY idea! 

Happy Crafting,

PS You can find MORE de Lovely Ideas over on your Pinterest page. Hope you'll join me!

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