Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY Sprayed Bottles for Thrifty, Modern Wedding Centerpieces

{Create This}Very Martha Recycled Bottle Centerpieces

Happy Tueday, Lovelies! A little something different for you than I had originally planned but I am too excited not to share this awesome DIY idea I found at The Colorful Living Project. These spray painted bottles let the thrifty, eco-conscious bride have her reuse and recycle AND modern, chic wedding at the same time! They're cute, clean, and best of all, for a few of dollars, you can have totally handmade, very Martha centerpieces for your wedding reception or bridal shower.

Instructions and Pictures by Anna Naphtali.

These recycled bottles have been re-styled to be used as centerpieces, vases or gifts. Anna used IZZE bottles, but there are many bottles options that will work just as well.

1. Remove labels from bottles. ( You can soak them in hot water and dish soap for extra help)
2. Dry and clean
3. Pick your spray paint choices: Seen above is Satin Ivory. Spray!
4. Spray paint box carrier too!

Some spray painting tips... Cover area with newspaper or drop cloth first. Wear a mask or be careful not to inhale fumes. Don't spray into the wind!!! Wait for your first layer to dry and stick the bottle on your finger to get a good coat around the bottom sides.

(Me) And now to add color and variety! Same process, different paint and bottles. I like the varying heights for centerpieces to help create visual interest and dimension.

(Anna) I usually like matte finish, but the glossy texture on some of these gives them a nice new sheen. And baby jars make the cutest little mini vases or containers! Another idea for a centerpiece would be to take tons of different sized items and paint them one color and or have a line of vases down a table... you get the idea.

I do have to note, these are not "safe" to use for any type of liquid consumption. They just look cool and won't damage flowers or decorative pieces.

(Me) So there you have it, Lovelies! Cute idea right? Especially on a budget! You could do this for wedding centerpieces, parties, showers. Start saving your wine bottles, vases,  peanut butter jars! Check out this post using recycled glass jars for wedding decor. Thanks for Anna Napthali for the idea and photos.

What DIY projects will you be doing for your wedding? Big, small, we want to know! Check out all out DIY Wanna Do List on Pinterest. What else should we add?

 Make the world colorful,

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  1. How much spray paint do you think you used for, say, 6 bottles? I'm trying to decide if it's worth painting 100 bottles for my picnic wedding! :)


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