Thursday, January 17, 2013

de Lovely Details - An Elegant Chinese American Affair by Wynn Austin Events

If the devil is in the details, then this wedding has got it -- elegant, sweeping visuals and dainty touches, highly stylized tablescapes paired with handmade piece, adding an upscale down home feel -- and last but not least lavish cultural elements to capture the importance of this family just has it all! A well branded theme carried throughout this wedding and a super sweet love story to boot! Sent to us by Event Designer and Planner Wynn Austin and made immortal by photographer is Braja Mandala, I'm thrilled to be sharing the perfect example of a modern multicultural wedding, one that honors family heritage and makes room for the couple's own unique  personality.

As the radiant bride tells us: Ben and I met at Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego in 2005. We sat next to each other in our 10th grade Spanish class and instantly hit it off. He was the smart kind of dorky one and I was more social, so we complemented each other well right away.

Ben decided  to propose while he was studying abroad in Prague during our junior year. Just before Christmas in 2010 we were up at a beautiful park overlooking San Diego when he brought out several different colored roses. He explained how each colored rose’s different symbolism represented reasons why he loved me and wanted to marry me.

Our fondest wedding moment was walking into the tent for the first time and seeing everything I had dreamed of for so long finally actually manifested in such a beautiful display. So my advice to brides is Don’t stress the small details; everything will turn out great! And hire a wedding planner, they will save your life!

Who were your favorite wedding vendors? First of all, our wedding planner Wynn Austin Events did an incredible job staying on top of all the details and helping me stay calm when I was close to a panic attack. Then also, Braja Mandala Wedding Photography and Gene Higa Photography did an amazing job with our photos and Kathy Wright & Co. blew us away with their florals. Concepts Event Design also exceeded our expectations with their d├ęcor and setup.

All images courtesy of Braja Mandala and Gene Higa

Congratulations to Nancy and Ben, and I hope you found some inspiration in all these lovely details! You are working super, seriously hard to make this a day to remember so fill it full of all the little things that make you happy.  

Thanks again to Wynn Austin Event & Collection for contacting us with this beautiful wedding. We love the color scheme, the design, and the elegant sophistication theme that is still accessible and possible for other brides. To see more fab creations, pop over to Wynn's Facebook Fanpage and say hi. And while you're at it, come say hi to the de Lovely Affair gang on the ol' FB as well.

Have a great long weekend!

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