Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{Wedding Planning } 4 Tips for Delegating Dress Decisions to Your Ladies

 Photo by Ale De Vries

Having trouble deciding on bridesmaids’ dresses? You brides have a ton of important wedding decisions to make throughout your wedding planning process --so why not delegate dress decisions to your ladies?  Everyone has different tastes, shapes, color preference, and we know every dress style doesn't flatter everyone.  I say give them the reins and trust that your besties will locate the perfect look.

Here are our tips for achieving your wedding look and giving attendants the freedom of choice.

1. Define your wedding mood - formal, casual, eclectic, traditional - then, give definitive dress guidelines based on this mood. A playful sundress style may not work for  formal affair, anymore than a long even gown works for an outdoor backyard party. I am personally digging on this twist wrap dress design which lets your gals wear the same dress in many different ways!

2. Specify a color range – light pastels, jewel tones, autumn hues - to match your wedding scheme. Choosing one color guarantees mismatched shades, unless you go to a single manufacturer such as Dessy for multiple designs.  Mix and matching dress colors and styles is a huge trends these days. If that is your cup of tea, check out my post of Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

                                                         Photo via Belle the Magazine

3. Choose fabrics with similar weight and shine for a coordinated look. Contrasting materials -- think shiny satin and matte silk -- rarely look good together in photos or in person.  Again, a single designer or retailer can help in keeping with similar fabric.  Be very specific with what you want and what you just cannot accept.

 Photo by Brooke Novak

4. Let your wedding style dictate hemline. Back to Tip # 1 -- Tea, knee or floor length; same length gives a polished look for a formal affair, while differing lengths allow a peek of personality in a casual setting.

                                                          Photo via Sassy Chicago Brides

Give your ladies the parameters, let them explore the options, and trust that they will find the perfect dress to match your special day and their personal tastes.  Delegating this decisions shows that you honor their individuality  and want them to feel as comfortable and pretty as you do on your wedding day. 

What other tips and tricks do you have for choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress?  Leave us a comment and I'll share in the Facebook and Twitter conversations! 

Make it GOOD!

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