Monday, August 30, 2010

How Do You Successfully Blend Two Cultures?

As with all weddings, the goal should be a joyous and celebratory occasion.  But, you can really make your multicultural event truly memorable by promoting understanding and appreciation of another culture.  And, if you’re excited but feeling overwhelmed, hiring a specialized wedding planner could be a tremendous help to you.  On with the tips…
  • Programs/Order of Service: a perfect opportunity to explain the meanings behind the customs being upheld.  When your guests understand a certain custom, they are more apt to participate and gain appreciation.
  • Special Music~ Share and explain significant musical pieces with your guests. They will enjoy the music and feel included.
  • Special Dancing~ Tell a story with a special dance, but remember to explain it in your programs.
  • Food~ YES!  Food… a great mediator… plenty of food and drink! An awesome buffet will not force but allow your guests to sample food and drink from a different culture. Seek referrals for caterers who specialize in the cuisine so the food is complementary.
  • Attire~ By changing into traditional dress, you’ll promote excitement and interest and start conversations.
  • Use Decorations and Flowers to accent your multicultural event. Create new traditions~ after all, this is your wedding!

Mehndi bridal hands. Painting with henna is an art and a rite of passage, 
saved for times of celebration like weddings~ believed to bring love and good fortune.
Mendhi hands photo: Chrissy Long
Sources: South Asian wedding planning site

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