Thursday, December 16, 2010

{Thrifty Thursday} Recycled Centerpieces and Decor...Got Trash or Treasure?

Today's Thrift - Recycled Jars for Centerpieces and Decor - is inspired for my own personal search to cheap, chic centerpiece and decor options that were also all about reusing and recycling.  And so began my hunt to find as many glass jars as possible, didn't matter the size, the shape, the height. I even went so far as to buy glass jarred items at the store, force my husband to be to eat them and then carefully wash and store my precious finds. I had my family, friends, co-workers scouring their fridges, recycling bins, the pantries for jars, jars, and more jars...pickle jars, peanut butter jars, those round, fat jam jars, Mason jars.  Fruit jars? We got 'em and Mr. deLovely will never eat fruit from a jar again.  Our house was over flowing with jars but the visual is so worth it!

All the de Lovely inspirations for Thrifty Thursday!

Veil Tales
I can spot a peanut butter jar a mile away.  This bride spent an entire year collecting one hundred jars!

Check out thrift stores and yard sales for old vases; they work just as well and can add a whole other layer of texture and dimension.

Elizabeth Ann Designs
I love LOVE this next picture with all the old medicine bottles and slightly colored glass....ok I admit is, I am a bottle-aholic and the only reason I wrote this post was to look at beautiful glass legally.

Hiking In Stilettos

Last one - Enjoy your search, nothing is out of bounds on this Thrifty Thursday, think beyond what you see and into what can just made that up....super cool!

The Knot

You may have to start your search early in order to gather enough...this is not a new concepts but done right, it never goes out of style.  Let the search begin!

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