Thursday, January 13, 2011

Papel Picado Wedding Invitation - DIY Style

In continuation of our Mexican Wedding inspiration week, here is a super cool project for the creatively inclined....a Papel Picado Invitation I found on Once Wed.  Literally meaning 'punched' or 'perforated' paper, papel picado is a traditional cut paper folk art found throughout Mexico and the former colonies of Spain as well as in the folk traditions of many other countries. 

The invitation DIY project shown here happens to be for a rehearsal dinner/fiesta but I think you could probably use and embellish this idea for any wedding related event needing an invitation. This project is fun, super easy and makes a big impression for the relative ease of construction. So gather your ladies together and spend a day putting these beauties together.
For this project, you will need:

- 4-Bar flat note cards - Paper Source is a great place to purchase the 4 Bar note cards or any size you need for that matter. They are my personal favorite and got me through my own wedding!  You can also cut 4-bar sized cards out of regular letter sheet.  
- Scissors
- Glue stick
- Mini papel picado banners: You can purchase mini banners here. The mini banners typically have 10 sheets. This project calls for 5 per invitation. Another more economical option although time consuming is to actually make your own. Here is a helpful instruction guide and cutting template.

After printing your note card, begin assembling the invitations themselves. If you choose to use these banners, which are ten per strand, simply cut the banners in half, allowing for 5 tissue sheets for each invitation.  Next, place a small line of glue on the same area as the string on the first piece of tissue on the papel picado banner.  Center this piece on the notecards and glue into place.  Repeat for the last piece of your cut banner.

And Voila! Wait, that is French...anyway fold together, one flag on top of another, arranging the two notecards as if it were a bi-fold invitation. Slip in your vellum envelope and mail off the fun!

Project by Denise Mieko Cherry

Have a deLicious Day!

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