Monday, January 17, 2011

South Asian Wedding Week + Monday Eye Candy

Welcome to South Asian wedding week here at deLovely Affair, your practical guide to multicultural and worldly weddings. South Asia is a hub of rich culture and ethnically diverse communities, known for colorful, vibrant, and festive celebrations; weddings are no exception. From Pakistan, to India, to the island country of Maldives, wedding traditions vary across religion, caste, ethnicity, language, region and no two weddings will be the same.  Weddings can last for days and include lavish rituals, dancing, food, henna tattoos and ceremonial baths--South Asian weddings are true family and community events.

As with anything, we recognize that we are not experts and there will be some generalities. In a region rich with tradition, culture, folklore, we could spend our entire lives devoted to the topic of South Asian would be impossible to cover it all. So instead we will talk about what we do know, give you some inspirational Eye Candy, tips and advice, share a gorgeous wedding from the fabulous Binita Patel, and an easy DIY project for the eco-conscious bride. We hope to inspire you to reimagine how your wedding can be when you rediscover and reconnect with culture.

Because today is *technically* Monday Eye Candy, here are some swoon worthy photos of my favorite aspect of South Asian weddings...Mehndi, that gorgeous henna artwork seen delicately spirally around the bride’s hands and feet. Enjoy!



Dave and Charlotte Photography


Have a deLicious day! Hope you will check on Wednesday for a fabulous deLovely Real Wedding.

Have a deLicious day! 

Enjoy the lovely Eye Candy! Have a deLicious day!

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