Saturday, February 19, 2011

Exquisite Tea Favors in Gorgeous Paper Packages

I found this super fun DIY favor project over at The Paper is a steal worthy idea and so I'm sharing it here with you. This is a perfect project for couples looking to add a little elegance, spunk, and beautiful paper, which I always say is ALSO a great way to infuse a hint of culture, to their wedding favors.

So have at it! A big thank you to the folks over at The Paper Place. This is their project, I simply added a few extra pieces.

How-To: Exquisite Tea Favors in Gorgeous Paper Packages!!

What you will need:
~* Waterproof Watermark tissue or any stiffish frabric-y tissue paper, see through is best
~* Decorative Papers, I personally like the papers over at Paper Source. They have a great
selection to match any wedding theme
~* Printer compatible paper for labels
~* Cutting mat and knife
~* Sewing machine or needle & thread
~* Tea, for this project the author used Sakura Cherry Rose to match the Chiyogami paper

1. Cut your tissue to the desired size; remember it has to fold over on itself to create the bag. This one is 3.5 x 8.5”

2. The next direction in the original project called for ironing the sides of this specialty paper Watermark Uzumakito create a sealed edge. Product description for this paper says: The backing can be folded against itself and ironed to create a sealed edge, making possible an endless variety of sealed packages, envelopes and bags. It would be similar to No Sew Hem Tape, which could be used instead. However, it you can't find the appropriate paper or the No Sew tape, run it quickly under your sewing machine. It might actually take you less time. Below is the end result.

3. Fill the bag with tea. Use 2 teaspoons per bag, which is enough for 2 cups of tea.
4. Create your label and cut them out.
5. Cut your decorative paper strips. Make it 1.5×3.5” to fold over the top.

6. Line up your label and decorative paper and run through the sewing machine, or hand sew if you do not have access to a machine.

7. Voila! Perfect little favors for a wedding, shower or give as a lovely hostess gift. The possibilities are endless…..

A spin on this idea! Perfect for a summer wedding, choose three different fruit teas (Lemon Meringue RooibosWild Blueberry Rooibos and Tulsi Orange Herbal Tea) and pair them with vibrant Katazome papers. Instead of folding the paper over the top, use just a strip, modify the label layout a bit, sew across and leave the strings hanging loose! 
I love the baker's string, it adds such whimsy and total cuteness! Enjoy this unique and totally creative DIY favor project. Make sure you check out the deLovely Affair DIY Projects and Freebies page for this and other great ideas.

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