Friday, March 18, 2011

Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Ireland

Guest Blogger: Annie Byrne of Aislinn Events  

Destination weddings
are very popular these days. Why? Because you can either throw a big bash at home and spend loads of money, or have a destination wedding with your nearest and dearest and spend much less. It’s like having your wedding, and honeymoon all rolled into one.

I make no excuses or ever deny it. I love it here in Ireland and I love helping couples get married here. The scenery is unsurpassed in its beauty, the people welcoming and the place is just great fun! When the weather is good here there is no place better and even when it’s not, you get the romance of the rolling hills, dramatic cliffs and seascapes, foggy mountains, fantastic castles and manor houses.

Here are a few tips on planning a destination wedding.

1) Decide on a location – Ireland? Ok. Great choice!

2) Know your marriage laws. It is easier than ever to get married in Ireland and paperwork can be done by post but you will need to meet the Registrar of Marriages in the county you want to marry in a minimum of 5 days before your ceremony. But this can also be done on a shorter trip over to suss out locations and vendors. Marriages in Ireland are legal and valid in all of North America and Western Europe. Check here for Annie's article Marrying in Ireland.

3) Visit once if you can. Whether your intention is a scouting trip, taking care of legal details or meeting vendors booked by your planner come over at least once. Twice if you can afford, but once should be enough to get the picture of what your day will be like. I also advise the couple to be here a bit earlier than their guests where possible to have that time together before all the action and activities begin. Once your guests arrive, it is all about the big day.
4) Get help locally. Whether you hire a local planner (highly recommended) or have a family member or friend living near where you would like your wedding, you really will need someone on the ground to help. Irish people are well known for being laid back and never in a hurry for anything so the person you choose should know about weddings and be able to take on the burden of researching, meeting, and booking local vendors {in their own relaxed time.}  Your Aunt Maureen in Donegal would love to help but does she know your taste? Budget?  Is her wedding planning experience from 30 years ago?

5) Let your friends and family know well in advance. Generally destination weddings are smaller, which is one of the reasons they are less expensive. However you do want the people nearest and dearest to you attend, so give them plenty of notice. Spread the word early and send out save the dates about 8 months in advance so they can plan, save and get the time off. Create a wedding website with information on the local area, travel and accommodation info along with sample itineraries to get your guests excited about the trip.

Hopefully this will help in your decision for a destination wedding. I have seen so many and in every case the couple and all of the guests have thoroughly enjoyed their time in Ireland.  I know you will too!

Have ideas for Destination Wedding locations you want us to review? Leave a comment below and we will hop to it!

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