Thursday, April 21, 2011

Super Secret Plans | Brazil Here We Come...Another Wedding!

deLoveliest dears! As you may have heard me mention, I am getting married AGAIN in Brazil for my husband's family. Sadly, only a small number could make it from Brazil to share our first special day at the Commander's Mansion in Watertown.

Photo Credit: Darren Pellegrino

So we are doing it again! Mr. de comes from a large family and it seems only right that we also share this important milestone with them too. Plus we will be having the ceremony in the family church where his parents were married in Laguna, Santa Catarina, Brazil.  Super SWOON!

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So the date is set! YAY! January 14, 2012, I will be walking down the aisle again and I want YOU ALL to come along for the ride. I'm handing out front row tickets here on de Lovely Affair and can't wait to share my step by step journey to the altar. You might say, Easy Peasy, you've planned it all once, you can plan it all again...yes and no. I planned a wedding here in Boston where I understood the language, the customs, the norms (or anti norms in some cases for me), the religious traditions and even barriers. There are significant obstacles for me in planning a Destination Wedding without planner in a language that I mostly don't understand. BUT if you know anything about me, you know I am up for the challenge.  It is going to be a wild ride!

Here is my official pitch to you: Please follow our story from our first planning steps to the final "I Do." This is culture and tradition at its best and if we do NOTHING else on this blog, I hope that we have encouraged you to incorporate a little more of who you are and where you come from in your wedding. Become a fan on FACEBOOK, follow us on TWITTER and follow de Lovely Affair blog.
Stay tuned for the good stuff.  We will bring you up to speed as it happens and share a little more of our SUPER SECRET PLANS!  Sneak Peak looks a little something like this! 

Enjoy the sun and smile as often as you can!

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