Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wedding Budgetista - Must Have That Gown + Wedding Gown Buying Tips

In these budget trimming times, bringing out the Wedding Budgetista in all of us is a MUST!
And while we have lots of choices about how much we spend and where we can cut the wedding budget, a bride's wedding gown is one of those personal, it chooses you and you have no choice sort of situations. To help keep you sane, we give you: Wedding Budgetista and the Elusive Gown.  (Sort of sounds like a Disney Movie)

{Photo Credit: Mr. & Mrs. Drew Photography - LOVE them}

You love the gown, the bling, the train. You are giddy about the shape, the color, the perfect poof. And it is available right now! But, OUCH, you just can't swing the price. So how does a bride-to-be score the perfect dress without blowing her budget?

Your first step is to research and contact shops carrying the same dress line. Inquire about the price, shipping time, and special sales they may have. Your size could even be on their racks. Check the internet for brides offering their gently used gowns or bridal outlets selling at a significant discount.

{Photo Credit: Mr. & Mrs. Drew Photography

Armed with pricing information, go back to the original shop and negotiate for a lower price based on what others are asking. Chances are bridal boutiques, who want to move merchandise and keep their brides happy, will try to work with you, especially if you plan to buy a veil, shoes and accessories as well. Word of mouth, vendor referrals, and internet reviews such as Yelp and Yahoo can sometimes be incentive enough to make sure you walk away with dress in hand and a little bit of green left in your pocket.

Our good friends over at Mr. and Mrs. Drew Photography have a fabulous article about ordering your wedding gown, a great compliment to this here little article!
Happy shopping!

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