Monday, February 27, 2012

{Real International Wedding} A Rustic Italian Wedding with a Little Glam

Hello de Lovlies! Well it is about time we got off our keesters over here and brought you the good stuff...yeah some more awesome Real Wedding eye candy. Since we focus on multicultural and international weddings, you know this has to be a good one; full of color, romance, in some far flung exotic destination....well ok, Italy, not so far flung but still totally awesome! We found this little gem over at Boho Weddings, sent to them by photographers Bayly and Moore and we send a heap of thanks for letting us show off this wedding deliciousness.

This is a story of a boy and a girl in love, a gorgeous wedding location, and simple yet stunning style that sets us all a-flutter. You have to see it to believe it! I know this wedding has made the blog rounds but I can't not share the important wedding message it inspires: When you allow your personality and passion to dictate your path, wedding magic will happen. 

This super cute couple is Graziano and Jenny and they were married on the 23rd of July 2011 in Italy with 80 guests in attendance. The two met while working in Rome and took a year to plan their very traditional Italian wedding. They describe it as ‘A day full of emotion and laughter. It was the wedding we wanted!’

The centerpiece of this celebration was naturally the breathtaking location, the beautiful region of Veneto, rich in Renaissance and Palladian villas and clearly the perfect choice.  But first prize really has to go to Jenny's daring dress choice, Valentino, dotted with tiny flower appliques and cinched with a black bow.  Add those spectacular shoes (you know I love shoes) and you've got Best In Show! 

The wedding details were simple: black and white to mirror the dress. Jenny's baby's breath bouquet was light and delicate, a perfect match for their simple, traditional, and elegant approach. Graziano was dapper in his black Prada suit.


I love the fact Jenny and Graziano stayed true to Italian tradition when choosing a location . The festivites were held in Jenny's home town where her father walked her through the streets on the way to the ceremony. It helped that the region is also rich in history and culture, filled with classic architecture and breathtaking vistas. 

The reception was simple and elegant with black and white decorations and simple white hydrangeas as centerpieces and venue decorations. They served traditional Italian fare; pasta, seafood and meat with vegetables and a lovely three tiered cake for dessert.

Planning Advice from the Newlyweds:
"Don’t believe people when they tell you that 'details are not so important', because that day you won’t notice anything. You’ll notice everything but you just won’t care You can't change them and you will be too tired and excited. But take care of details anyway." Jenny

Photographers: Bayly&Moore

Congratulations to Jenny and Graziano on their stylish, personality filled wedding celebration. We wish you wealth, health and happiness in the years to come! Thanks for letting us share your special day and for reminder us of the importance of planning with passion. And Jenny, can you tell us WHERE you bought that dress? We are having a swoon-athon over here.

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Make it a de Lovely day,


  1. What an amazing wedding. I'm head over heels in love with the brides dress and shoes.

  2. Jenny's dress is so amazing, a wonderful choice and those shoes...can you find a better pair? I think not! Thanks for the comment, glad you liked the post.
    Mellissa ~*

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