Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{Global Inspiration Board} Moroccan Color Scheme...Go Bold or Go Home

I am thinking hard on Spring and Spring makes me think of colors and color transports me to some wonderfully exotic places around the world.  Today: Morocco

The  idea of Morocco carries with it a certain air of mystery and romance, danger and revelry. An ancient land steeped in history, culture, and customs comes alive with bustling market places bursting with color, heavenly aromas wafting through the air, exotic flavors teasing your tongue, fabrics, rugs, silk, and chiffon covering every surface, pleasing to the touch and the eye. With Morocco, every sense is tantalized, offering a treasure trove of decorating and wedding ideas for those who dare to be so bold.

Opulent and vivid, bold and rich perfectly describe the Morrocan color palette; think burgundy, purple, gold, teal, blue, tan, and a shade of deep orange, colors that speak of ancient times when fabric was hand dyed using elements of the earth.  Let this be your jumping off point in our Global Inspiration: Morocco.

Where does color transport you? What is your color inspiration?


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