Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{Global Wedding Inspiration} Spotlight: Puerto Rico

Hello there lovelies! Welcome to Tuesday; ready for some Global Wedding Inspiration?  I must be in a Puerto Rico state of mind because I saw one gorgeous picture and out popped this inspiration board. Puerto Rico is an almost perfect destination wedding location; it's warm, beachy, exotic and a short plane ride away for friends and family. But Puerto Rico is more than just sand and sea; it is steeped in culture and  history with time worn gorgeous architecture, age old traditions, and a love of music, food and dance. So if you are looking for all that and a seriously warm people to welcome you to marriagehood, take a look at Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Wedding Inspiration Board

Clark + Walker Studios (couple) | Destination Wedding Magazine (cigars) | Jose Aguilo Studio (fort and stairs)
Are you planning a destination wedding and still unsure of where? Then seriously consider Puerto Rico as your go-to location! And if you do choose PR, please send an email and let me know; I'd love to feature your wedding here on de Lovely Affair.

Have a deLicious day!


  1. Puerto Rico is a great place for a wedding!

  2. Puerto Rico is a GORGEOUS place for a wedding! What are some other highlights we can include? Thanks so much for the comment.


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