Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{Awesome Idea} DIY Bridal Shower Wishing Well Centerpiece

Hello de Lovelies! I've been on the road for the last week and thus have sorely neglected you. I tried to send an update via my smart (ass) phone, but alas, it, and the connectivity of rural United States, has failed me. I am at a real computer now and just HAD to share with you this super creative and easy centerpiece project I found at Real fact it is in their May edition. Called with Wishing Well, this is an easy, unique and personal way for friends and family to celebrate, advise, encourage a bride-to-be at her wedding shower. On top of that, DIY wedding projects are inexpensive and fun to put together!

Super simple instructions:
  • Cut strips of colored paper about six inches long and pass them out as guests come in.
  • Ask guests to write out their best wish, wedding advice, favorite memory, or personal note for the bride.
  • Twist the papers around a pen and toss them into a large bowl.
  • Have the bride read the messages over dessert and enjoy the show!
  • At the end of the shower, gather up all slips and create a sweet memory book or small wish box as a keepsake for the bride.
  • Bridal shower game twist: Interview the lucky groom, write groom related questions on the strips and see if the bride knows as much about her sweetie as she thinks she does!
Hope you enjoyed this little project from the road. You know, I love all things DIY, practical and fun and this is just perfect for a bridal tea, (check here for DIY tea favor ideas) shower or wedding party get together!

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Happy Planning,

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