Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Engagement Session: Doing it Your Way with Style!

Guest Blogger: Miss Aimee

So many people want to commemorate each step and each moment on the way to planning their wedding; and I don’t blame them. I’ve always been the person who likes to not only create new milestones but also document those everyday joys that happen throughout our lives. 

I must admit, I was never a big fan of “engagement photos.”  The mere idea brings me back to those awkward prom photos: you’re smiling yet they tell you where to place your hands, how to put your feet and look anything but natural. However, if you’re like me and sort of shy away from those posed, unnatural images, I'm here to say: take a risk on your engagement shoot and do something different.  If you incorporate more of you and your fiancĂ©’s actual “selves” into the photos, you will come away with commemorative photos that are more about what they should REALLY be about, both of YOU.

We are a couple who likes to live outside the box and we have a passion for all things classic, retro and unique. We thought channeling our passion for the
1950’s would be a perfect may to have our “happily ever after” photos (as we liked to call them) encompass what the two of us are about vs. having a nice set of pictures.

Through this process I learned a lot and for those future “to be” engaged couples here are a few key points I’d love to share:

Incorporate YOU in the photos. There isn’t a standard when it comes to photographing this milestone. Think about what you two are about as both individuals and a couple and incorporate that flair and style into the pictures.

Location is always key, try to think outside of the box. There are the standard beach photos, at home photos, on the pier photos but realize, there are so many great original venues and locations (like this colorful E-sesh at a local carnival) that would be fresh and unique spots for engagement photos. Don’t hesitate to contact restaurants, diners (like in our case), boutique stores, hotels and others; more often than not these venues would love to be a part of your special day and with a little credit, you’re on your way to a great creative space for your backdrop.

Weather, if you plan on taking outdoor photos always make sure you plan ahead in case Mother Nature isn’t working in your favor that day. It’s always great to have at least two indoor spaces for a backup in case of rain, snow, and especially wind. I can tell you from our experience that a picture with hair across your face is not one you will be printing to frame, why waste the shot?

Clothing, spice it up! It’s always important to be yourselves in these photos but for a handful of shots, maybe opt to do a wardrobe change, a bolder top, dress or even an accessory. You would be surprised how great you may look by thinking outside the box. Is there a theme to your photos? (such as our 1950’s inspiration) Now is the time to dive right in and play the part!

Most of all have fun! Some of the best photos are the ones that catch you in the candid moments, when you think no one else is watching. For me, one of the most disappointing things I came across in my search for photo inspiration was all the staged photos couples had in their sessions. I think some suggestions from your photographer are key but when your hands and bodies appear stiff and too posed, it can take away from the real genuine feeling of the photos.


All in all it’s about you two! I think as long as you have the man of your dreams all the rest should and will fall into place; all else they say is just an accessory.

Are you planning a super personal engagement session? We'd love to know what you are doing differently! Leave us a comment before and we will share it with our other readers on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Join us there if you haven't already.

Happy Engagement! 
Miss Aimee

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