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{I Do Beauty} 4 Hot Wedding Hairstyle Trends

All Tressed Up

Deciding whether to wear hair long and flowing or in a glamorous upsweep has caused many a bride to lose their precious beauty sleep. (Under eye help here)  For every dress, personality, wedding style, there are literally hundred, nay thousand of 'Do options. There is no lack for inspiration - take a gander at Pinterest or any number of image heavy wedding blogs. So how do you decide?

Here are 4 of the hottest wedding styles this season to get you started on the right track:

Effortless and Down - Perfect for your rustic, outdoor, diy wedding style; it says, I am natural and I want to be and look like me on my wedding day.

wedding hairstyles

natural wedding look

hot hairstyle trends on de Lovely Affair

Bohemian Braid - One of the hottest hairstyle trends in weddings AND all across ladyhood land.

 Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

Photo courtesy of Arrow & Apple

Romantic Whimsical Updo - I love these updos; they can be flirty, unfussy, add depth and dimension to a total look, be sassy or sensual. I appreciate that they aren't always uniform or perfect, leaving lots of room for individual personality.

Photo courtesy of Our Labor of Love

Photo courtesy of Priscila Valentina

Photo courtesy of Simply Rosie Photography

Simple Side Bun - Classic, chic, timeless, all around perfect choice for an understated look....let your face be the focus.  Easily created, this is a gorgeous 'do for any wedding style.

Photo courtesy of Silvana di Franco

Photo via Pretty Geeky

Ultimately, you have to take into consideration your hair texture and length, dress style and wedding theme, and of course shape of your face. Having gotten married twice (to the same man) in hot climates, I would also recommend taking the time of year into consideration....remember there will be lots of dancing and hugging and kissing; hot and sticky can ruin the locks and the look!  Leave plenty of time for trail and error; you want to say I Do to the 'Do that's right for you.

What hairstyle are you going with for you big day? We would love to share your photos here on de Lovely Affair!  Don't forget us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Come say hi!

Make it beautiful,

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