Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free Printable Favor Card: Wildflower Paper + Guest Post on Marry This!

Happy Thursday lovelies! Great stuff for you today...a guest post on Marry This! and their Charity Wedding Favor series, a super easy DIY plantable wildflower paper AND a free printable from yours truly to go with the guest post. We are TOTALLY mixing it up here today. 


You know de Lovely Affair is all about helping you create practical, crafty and personal weddings - we cover everything from creative invitation design and easy decor projects to cost cutting ideas from flowers to food, and simple steps to make your wedding dream a reality. We love anything recycled, reused, and of course, green, which is why I was so excited when Allison over at Marry This asked me to write an article about Charity Favors with a DIY giveaway. Perfect opportunity to plug our love of eco-conscious, value based wedding planning.

Our idea: Saving the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is a valuable and worthy cause, and through the Nature Conservancy, you can help regrow this vibrant, lush biosphere with their Plant a Billion Trees campaign. You can help with as little as $50 to buy 50 trees. BUT you really should read the whole article over at Marry This!

What better way to celebrate renew the earth than by planting something beautiful? So for the wedding favor giveaway, I handcrafted these super lovely Plantable Wildflower Seed favors (tutorial at Marry This) and the accompanying favor card for you to print and use with your own favors! Grab your customizable Free Printable Favor Card. Send me an email and I'll send you the customizable printable; it is in MS Word and the font is TG April Trial. One fits per 8.5 x10 sheet; I recommend a white or cream card stock. Print, cut, and present!

Project Photo Credit: M. de Oliveira

As I wrote for Marry This, a green wedding isn’t just about going cheap; it's about making smart money saving choices, which is why DIY projects and Free Printables are right up my alley! I'd love to see your final product, so if you decide to follow my plantable paper tutorial, send a couple pictures our way.

Happy Planning, Happy Crafting,

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