Friday, August 3, 2012

Top 10 Must Have Flowers for Your Fall Wedding - Part 2

Autumn wedding season will soon be upon us but fear not; I think fall brides have the best floral choices when it comes to Mother Nature's bounties, as you saw in Part 1 of our Top 10 Fall Flowers! The foliage, the colors, the natural accents abound as she saves the very best for last. With such an abundance of choices for create gorgeous wedding florals, from the bouquets to the centerpieces and reception decor, remember this: Choosing flowers naturally in season is the best way to reduce your price tag and carbon footprint, i.e. not shipping in exotic spring flowers for a fall wedding. The Earth gives us a vast array of colors, styles, get creative, have fun and enjoy the spread.

Here are five more additions of our Top 10 Must Have Flowers for Your Fall Wedding

6. Darker flowers such as the Chocolate Cosmo can add a real touch of the unique. A rich, burgundy-brown, they can be complimented by either flame or neutral colors. The best part, though, is the scent. Subtle but evocative these stunning flowers hint of dark, seductive chocolate at their hearts. A perfect companion for these would be the readily-available hydrangea. Like the orchid, one stems is host to many blooms, and they can provide the ideal backdrop to a more colorful plant.

7. Zinnias with their incredibly rich and impressive blooms make a beautiful addition to any fall bouquet, however they are not very common. Think one of a kind and unique! The heavily petaled flowers are alluring with a full range of rich, vibrant colors from pale green to deep purple. Zinnia blooms, which indicate affection, also come variegated in shades of red, orange, yellow or white and work well when paired with chrysanthemums, gerberas, asters or garden roses.

8. Gerbera Daisies add brilliant splashes of color to any bouquet or table arrangement. Their colors range dramatically and come in a wide variety, bright white, hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, light pink, dark red, bold orange, rust, light yellow, sunny yellow, peach, the list goes on. Daisies can also contain multiple hues within a single flower, giving them a distinctive and original look. A cousin of the sunflower, the Gerbera offers a wholesome, natural feel, making it an obvious choice for outdoor, garden, DIY, backyard or country weddings.  

9. Autumn roses from the deepest burgundy to the palest white or vibrant gold bring fall colors and summer scents into the celebration. The petals of some types of roses mimic the color range and tone of the changing of the trees. Roses are always a good choice for their air of romance and simple beauty, no matter what season. Whether you want traditional, rustic, or modern, the rose can make it happen.

10. Autumn offers non-traditional choices of fiddleheads, seed pods, ornamental grasses, leaves, moss, rose hips and other nuts and berries. Fall fruits can also play an integral role in your wedding day, be it in other decorations, or for dramatic effect in your bouquets. Additionally foliage of all colors, from lush emerald ferns to golden leaves is literally falling like a gift from above. Perfect for a Woodland Chic celebration!

What flowers are you planning to use for your fall wedding? What else should be on this list?  Join the flower conversation on our Facebook Fanpage and Twitter. Hope to see you there soon!

Enjoy Mother Nature's Bounty!

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