Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{Top 10} Roses & Wedding Bouquets = Always in Style + I Blame Pinterst!

Wedding Roses on My Mind

Happy Tuesday! I am a pinning fool these days....hard not to do when there are SO many amazing photos and wedding ideas out there just waiting to be snatched up. Like this random bouquet of exquisite garden roses I found on Facebook (here's our FB fanpage for you to LIKE)...I adore garden roses, or are these cabbage roses, and in half a second flat I am off in a Rose wonderland, perhaps never to reemerge. I blame Pinterest.
Photo via Martha Stewart Weddings
Roses are the most popular and dare I say most romantic wedding flower there is. They are timeless, classic and never go out of style, which got me thinking: how many types of roses are there? Surely there has to been every flavor rose for every flavor bride...the bouquets we see are so varied, personal, and just down right jaw dropping.  With that in mind, here are my Top 10 Favorite Rose Wedding Bouquets simply cause I am in the mood for some pretty.

Cherry brandy roses anchor this vibrant multiflower bouquet! This couple is definitely going for color.

Pretty blush pink English roses, look like peonies when closed but definitely a rose when they open.

Soft yellows, peaches, and ivories - reminds me of a creamsicle + baby blue ribbon, a perfect combo!

Color palette: brown, burgandy, and ivory. The Black Bacarra Rose was a perfect choice! I adore the use of an embellished ribbon to add some light and bling.

Chic, sophisticated, understated ivory bouquet.
Photo via One Wed

Peach continues to be one of the hottest wedding colors! Love this peach bouquet with Apple Blossom Amaryllis, Juliet Garden Roses, Peach Hyacinth and Ruffled Peach Lisianthus.

A romantic clutch of roses, geranium leaves, and passion vine 
Photo via Martha Stewart Wedding

Roses and Succulent bouquet wrapped with jute twine.  Ranunculus, berries, curly willow and billy balls add texture and visual interest. Very California to me!
Photo via Apple Blossoms Floral Designs

This lush bouquet of ivory and blush garden roses is so sweet and romantic! 

An ideal bouquet to usher in Spring! 
Photo via Posies by Pippa

Rustic hand gathered wildflower bouquets with oddly shaped floral accents MAY be all the rage, and unique non-floral bouquets MAY be topping the popularity chart but roses will always rein supreme when it comes to weddings. Some couples are shying away from roses these days because of the expense but I say, go DIY with your wedding flowers. Purchasing from floral markets or online wholesalers like Global Rose will get you a TON of bang for your buck plus pretty roses.

Oh and FYI: there are over 100 species of roses, in three groups with hundreds of more hybrid variations...oh wait, another site says 150 types in seven groups....and yet another says the Alba Rose has been around since the 1st Century. Well I guess that proves my theory, there are as many varieties of roses as there are wedding themes! Here is a great resource for some of the most popular roses.

What type of rose is your favorite? Would you consider going DIY with your wedding bouquet? For great DIY ideas, check out my Guest Post on Wed Loft blog on How to Reduce You Wedding Flower Cost! You'll be glad you did.

Have a beautiful day,

PS If you want more great bouquet ideas, head over to our Pinterest page for beautiful inspiration.

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  1. Love all the different ways roses and garden roses are integrated into the bouquets!
    Thanks so much for including us (WildFlowers Inc) in your post.


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