Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{Inspiration Board} Travel Themed Wedding Inspiration

A Journey for a Lifetime

Oh I love travel - from around the block to across the globe, there is something about how it expands the mind, enlivens your senses, and enriches your life.  For all you lovers of the open road, a destination or travel themed wedding is an extension of your love of new experiences and adventures. Speaking of which, did you see Monday's gorgeous Paris engagement session? Le Swoon! 

Go vintage or modern, this theme is chic, unique, and full of endless options. Get as creative as you can imagine; there are just so many way to go - antique suitcases, globes and maps, compasses, airline tickets and planes, postcards old and new, flags and photos.

        suitcase, tags, journey sign | compass cake | favor box | map flags, suitcase | invitation, Eiffel Tower | shoes, airplanes

I love this theme for the couple who travels together, maybe met on the road, or is taking a megamoon. A wedding trend for 2013, more and more couples are embarking on a megamoon adventure, a long, extended honeymoon (months and years) usually involving serious global travel. I actually took an eleven month megamoon with my husband and it was an amazing unforgettable bonding experience!                    tags | plane tag | pinwheel | escort cards | maps, couple | invitations | globe rings | postcards | travel charm

If I were to get married again, I would do it travel style! Putting together these boards got all my wedding planning juices flowing! If you are using this theme for your wedding, PLEASE send me an email with pictures so we can share them on the blog!

What decor ideas do you have for a travel theme? Centerpieces, favors, place cards? What is your favorite travel decoration? Maps, suitcases, globes? Inquiring minds want to know! Join us over on PINTEREST for other great travel wedding ideas.
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