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{Practical Planning} DIY Dessert Buffet Tips - Wedding Budget Booster

Gimme Some Sugar!

Photo by Marry You Me

Happy Day lovelies! Here at dLA, we love practical wedding planning - getting more, paying less, and having the celebration of your dreams. And every little bit helps, right down to the last bite! So move over wedding cake and say hello an always popular trend in reception sweets - the dessert buffet, a chic and cost effective way to offer a variety of confectionery delights sure to please the entire crowd without breaking the wedding budget bank.

Tips to get your DIY Dessert Buffet started:
  • Determine your dessert budget and stick to it. Remember your head count and plan for more servings, not less. Plan for 3-4 mini desserts per person with at least twice as many options. Example: if you allot 3 desserts per person, maybe have 5-6 dessert options.

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  • Is there a central theme, color or style, childhood favorite, or ethnic dessert you’d like to include? Choose sweets that are fun, easy to eat, and represent your personality as a couple. 

  • This shouldn’t be a last minute bake-a-thon but rather a well-coordinated effort in dessert delegation. Enlist stove savvy helpers early on and create a “who’s doing what when” plan; include a day-of coordinator.

Photo via Ruffled Blog

  • Do it up DIY for a major reception focus: coordinate a colorful background, use interesting textures and linens, create a visually dynamic look with stands of varying heights, collect vintage service ware to add a touch of old charm, layer platters and plates using glasses and flower vases to create custom cake plates. Here is a super easy tutorial for creating budget tiered dessert stands!

  • If you run out of time, simply ask friends and family to bring their favorite dessert to share. Does your Great Aunt have a to die for favorite family cookie? Why not use it as a wedding favor and include the secret recipe? 

I absolutely LOVE this idea - using vintage, shabby chic furniture as a dessert display - easy to find, easy to customize with your colors and patterns, and it will look great in your home afterwards!

On a personal note, the dessert table at my wedding was filled entirely with traditional Brazilian wedding treats made by my mother-in-law. Our guests got a little taste of Brazilian culture and we saved money through her generosity. People are still raving about the pudim and brigadeiros.

Planning a dessert buffet for your wedding - what sweet treats will you be including? We are totally smitten with dessert in a jar; here are some awesome ideas and easy recipes - a big hit, small effort! And remember, we love seeing what YOU create, so send us some pictures of your DIY trials, finished projects and especially delicious desserts you create!

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  1. These are such sensible and good ideas - and the spreads look yummmmmm :)

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! Glad you liked the tips....what favorite dessert would you add to a dessert buffet?


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