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DIY Touches for Unique Groomsmen Gifts from MyGroomsmensGifts

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Hi Lovelies...I have a little treat for you today, a fabulous guest post geared towards the guys. We've got some creative DIY gift ideas from Jon Openshaw over at MyGroomsmen'sGifts.com. We don't also talk about the other half of the dynamic duo here on dLA but they are most certainly can do with a little DIY help too.  

If you’re anything like me, you aren’t going to be satisfied with a “standard” gift for your guys. They are your best dudes, main men, go to guys. A plain old flask just won’t cut it; you’re never going to get a money clip from me, and cufflinks didn’t even cross my mind. It just doesn’t feel special to me. Where’s the fun? 

While a few of the more common gifts are perfectly acceptable, practical and appreciated, shouldn’t you try to up the ante for people you've asked to be part of our big day? With a little extra spirit and creativity, gifts for your groomsmen can stand out and create a major impression. I’ve put together a few ideas for how to make an impactful gift without crushing your budget. 

Shaving/Grooming Bundle

This one can definitely be treading a fine line as decorum goes, but you want your groomsmen to look and smell great on your day, right? Let’s not even beat around the bush, then. You want your dudes to be perfectly presentable and not mistaken for Pigpen. Select a few nice toiletry items and make a shaving and grooming bundle fit for a king. It can be easy, inexpensive, and actually be useful.

Presentation can really help this idea take flight. A handsomely patterned, inexpensive dopp bag can make this a standout gift set. Wrap each piece individually, and you’ve got a gentleman’s dream. Or you could just buy one of these pre-assembled kits, but where’s the fun in that?

Beer for the Boys
It’s a little on the obvious side, but tons of men enjoy their beer, especially with the renaissance of the microbrewery in the US. People are more interested than ever in not just drinking but producing their own beers. It can get pretty expensive to start on the brewing side, but I found this brewing starter kit for $49.99 - definitely an interesting idea. 

Those looking to encourage libation without such a price tag can take a more inventive approach. First, find out what kind of beers he likes, and find a six pack from a brewery you’ve never heard of. You might want to get a little research in on this, just to be sure of a solid choice. Now that you’ve got your base, you can start building around it.

Galvanized pail for the beer? Check.
Personalized bottle koozie? Check.
Wall mounted bottle opener? Check.
You can buy koozie blanks and decorate it yourself or buy custom printed koozies – there are mountains of options. Stash all the goodies in the beer bucket, and you’ve got a one of a kind beer lover’s bundle.

For the Golfers 

Golfing is a pretty popular groomsmen activity for bachelor parties. And while the focus might not end up being the golf itself (see: beer), for some of your groomsmen, the links might be an important part of their life. That’s your opportunity to put together an original gift that shows you know who they are and appreciate their role in your wedding.

Get your hands on some personalized golf tees, a few golf balls (you can write fun messages on them or have them personalized as well), golf towel, a golf themed beer opener and throw it all in a golf shoe bag. Most of these items are inexpensive and can be put together to form a truly unique gift. What is most important is that you incorporate his personality and yours into the gift, making it one of a kind and worth remembering years later.

Hangover Kits

At many weddings, some kind of hangover kit should be standard issue, even part of a welcome bag. Inebriated groomsmen stories are a dime a dozen, and the next day is sure to leave them reeling. So let’s anticipate a need and give a great gift at the same time. 
Water (with personalized label, maybe?), aspirin and sunglasses all have a home in our booze-soaked groomsman’s world. Add a salty snack of some kind to feed that hangover demon in his belly. Just for fun, include a snarky thank you note with overly florid calligraphy to rub a little extra salt in. Or maybe one of those Magic eye pictures – that’s sure to make the post-imbibing stomach do the truffle shuffle.

Remember, the gift is as much about showing your personality as knowing who he is. Have fun with it and the heartfelt appreciation will show through. Enjoy!

What are some creative DIY ideas for a groomsmen gift? Let buck tradition and do something a little different.  Join us over on Twitter and share your ideas.

Jon Openshaw is a long-time writer but just recently ventured into the world of weddings. He enjoys reading, writing, animals, and the outdoors.

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