Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jocelyn + Manuel | Road Trippin' on the California Coast

Having just finished an 11 month road trip with my husband, this super sweet photo session with Manuel and Jocelyn warms the cockles of my heart. There is nothing like road trippin's with you sweetie, especially in a souped up classic car on Highway 1 next to the California coast.

Talented photographer Jhovany of Monstrous Joy in Hermosa Beach, my neck of the woods, hopped a ride as the Blanco family took to the road in their fiery red mustang.  Jhovany shared with us: Road trips are a Blanco family tradition, so on this sunny California Sunday, we set off with two objectives: To have a good time and to catch a sunset. We accomplished both. 

To make it there, we headed Jocelyn's trusted Mustang down Las Virgenes Road. On the way there was no way to keep off the beautiful landscapes and gorgeous scenery. After some romping and frolicking and general merriment, we got back on to the road and made our way through the canyons and finally reached the historic Pacific Coast Highway.   

Finally having reached the perfect spot for watching the sun set, they had a coke, a cuddle and few kisses to make the best of that beautiful afternoon.  I'll say.....swoon to the higher degree!

What a seriously sweet couple! They have style and class and personality to boot! Thanks to Monstrous Joy, LOVE that name, for sharing this story with us through Two Bright Lights.  If you are interested in sharing our work or your own wedding, send me an email!
What is your secret passion that you love to share with your partner? For me, it is definitely travel, road trippin,' having adventures! What is one of your special couple things? 
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