Monday, November 19, 2012

Kayla + Josh | Modern Anthropologie Style meets Vintage Romantic Picnic

Cupcakes, Mountain Meadows, and Happily Ever After with Katy Hall

This adorable, lighthearted, full of life and love engagement shoot was a must have - not because of the equally attractive Kayla and Josh, or their super stylish Anthropologie ensembles, or even their old-school romance inspired picnic complete with a colorful bunting, well loved quilt, and a basket of goodies. Its because their engagement shoot, captured by the super talented Katy Hall, is a testament to young love, a promising future, and every fabulous thing in between. This couple looks exactly how love should soon as you see the rest you will get exactly what I mean. Stylish, simple and real, their love, that sparkle and light and fun spirit shines through in every image.

Katy tells us: "The moment I met this sweet girl, I knew I wanted to be the one to capture her special day. She is full of love and a passion for life that I thought was unmatched. Then I met this amazing guy and I realised he’s equally contagious in his love for adventure, life, and laughter. Their engagement session encompasses their love for adventure and the simple pleasures in life.”

I am just in love with their love story! As Kayla tells it: Josh and I met my first night at college at a friend’s house and continued bumping into each other through mutual friends. We first began hanging out because of our interest in the show LOST which we watched at his house for a study break. I knew he must really like me when I got Swine Flu that semester and he still hung out with me when I was feeling pretty sick!” True love, most certainly!

But it's Josh's proposal that takes the cake -- or the cupcake in this case: "There is a lookout over the whole town called Garvin Heights. Some of my friends brought me up there one night and led me down a little path lit with candles. He was waiting at the end with chocolate covered strawberries and my favorite food – cupcakes and of course a ring! A friend filmed the whole thing. My favorite part of the whole story is that’s where my dad proposed to my mom.” Serious husband points!

 All photos submitted through Two Bright Lights.

Kayla’s Clothing:   Anthropologie
Vintage Items:  Goodwill Southern California,Hunt and Gather
Josh’s Clothing:  J.crew
Bakery:  Byerly’s
Paper Props:  Patina
Photographer:  Katy Hall Photography

Thanks so much to Katy Hall for sharing this seriously gorgeous, moving engagement shoot. You really captured the essence of this vibrant, happy, so in love couple! Kayla and Josh, congratulations on your upcoming wedding; we can't wait to share it with the de Lovely family.

What is your favorite outfit or scene in this stylish e-shoot? I love all the different moods each one reflects! Leave us a message below and then join us over on Facebook for more great wedding conversation. 

Also, pop by tomorrow of a sneak peek, super sweet behind the scenes look at this session!

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  1. Everything about this photoshoot is cute! The flower is so simple. Good job! Props!

    1. I know! I think they are so adorable! And she did all this herself.


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