Friday, November 16, 2012

Eclectic Bridal Style - Sassy Dresses & Flirty Skirts with Luxe House Photographic

Bring on the sass, bring on the style, say hello to some bridal personality -- how many of you can jump that high in a fancy dress.  I have something fun and different for you today from Luxe House Photographic; I totally dig their unique take on the wedding biz. There's nothing like a little bridal individuality to make a statement about who you are or to help you buck age old traditional bridal roles.

Luxe House Photographic put together a super stylish, colorful, and playful shoot in the heart of the Carolina Mountains. They also did a little studio setting to show off all the gorgeous detail they put into the dresses, hair accessories, and bouquets. Their eclectic mix of feathers, flowers, lace, and even paper shows that you create a bridal look all your own.

This dress is to die for and so in fashion for 2013 with its short length and feather accents!

Thanks for Luxe House Photographic for this look at eclectic bridal style - we love the sassy dresses and flirty skirts and would LOVE to see what you choose for your wedding celebration. There are so many occasions to dress up for when you get married and one dress is just never enough. Send an email with photos of your eclectic bridal style. Join us on Pinterest for more great looks!

Have a great weekend and remember to make it your own!

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