Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Francesca + Manuel: A Rustic Tuscan Engagement Session

Just like a work of art from the Old World Masters, each and every one of the couples we feature is beautiful, special, unique in their own way. Some have elaborate wedding details, others stunning gowns and backdrops; we ogle over couples with personality, spunk, and that sparkle of individuality. 

And then we have couples, like Francesca and Manuel, who simply wow us with their togetherness and photographic appeal...they just work so well in front of the camera, and with the Tuscan countryside as a stunning backdrop, you just can't go wrong.  And with eyes likes that....well, we're mesmerizedShot on a bright midsummers day in Lucca, Italy by Cristiano Brizzi Photography, we think the couple is just pure romance. Come to think of it, I'm sure the Italians invented romance...what do you think? Enjoy!

Photographer Cristiano says: The engagement session took place in Lucca during a hot summer day. Lucca is the perfect city for this kind of photography. It's in the middle of Tuscany, not far from the sea. The city has a lot of green areas, surrounded by huge defensive walls used in previous centuries as a defense. Now the walls are used for walking, cycling or just to relax. 


Moving from lush green woodlands to the old city of Lucca, Cristiano Brizzi gives us a full tour of what this picturesque Tuscan landscape has to offer. I love how this super stylish couple is perfectly at ease amongst the trees or the time washed buildings and brick of this traditional Italian town.

Sigh....I love Francesca and Manuel, and am honored Cristiano Brizzi Photography sent this work of art engagement session our way. These two are getting married in August with a beautiful reception on the sea, which is sure to be as equally stunning.

Where is your dream engagement session location? A tropical island, a favorite sports stadium or museum, an iconic city? We wanna know! Leave a comment below or pop by our FACEBOOK fan page and say hi.

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