Monday, January 10, 2011

{Monday Eye Candy} Mexican Themed Wedding Invitations

This week I thought it would be nice to feature all things Mexican Wedding...there is something about a festive, colorful celebration filled with strong family traditions, rich textures and lively music, that simply makes me fall in love {no pun intended} with Mexican inspired weddings.  From the garb to the decorations, the history to the community, I think our friends to the South have this wedding thing down pat. So enjoy and Vive la Mexico!

Let's start off the week with this one-of-a kind eye candy I scored over at Alchemy Fine Events and Weddings who specialize in unique, super personalized events, and extraordinary, I mean super DUPER extraordinary invitation design. A huge thank you for letting us borrow these images.   I hope they encourage you to create a heritage inspired first impression with your wedding invitations.  
I SO {heart} the Day of the Dead theme!

Look at the fabulous detail within the skull, hearts, stars, birds, musical notes, champagne....swoon.
Can you find Mickey Mouse? The abalone button eyes --- INSPIRED!

The front of the invitation seriously takes the cake but it is all the additional little details that make the entire thing come together for a clean, branded look
I can only imagine how truly awesome this wedding was based on the couple's first fabulous Mexican heritage inspired impression. 

Wedding Photography by Sarah Yates

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  1. I was lucky to be a part of this wedding and help with the decorations! It was amazing and my favorite part of the invitation was the shears and drumsticks! she's a hair stylist and he's a musician... everything in the skull is personalized! I have a day of the dead theme room and this invitation is up for display!


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