Friday, April 13, 2012

{Friday's Photo} For Love and a Truck

I have always had a serious love affair with Old Blue Trucks! Why? No idea but I can't get enough of the style, the old fashioned look and the faded almost chalky paint color as blue fades to a slight gray. I photograph them, covet them and wish I could have had one at my wedding. Sigh, I heart you, OBTs. 

For today's Friday's Photo(s) I thought I'd share some of my favorite "Old Blue Truck" and Newlywed photos for a little stroll down memory lane. 

{This picture started it all! The bride's smile is infectious.}

These days colorful, old fashioned truck photos are super popular with wedding photographers, event planners, and newlyweds; they are romantic, whimsical, perfect for rustic, outdoor, backyard, intimate weddings.   

{Do you think he played that guitar for his gorgeous bride?}

{I love the bride's petticoat! Something about the wanton abandon of the kiss makes me swoon!}

We love kissing, hugging, posing in these vehicles because they transport us back to a simpler time, a time of innocence and fun, when soda pop came in a fountain, girls got pinned by the boys, and these trucks ruled the road.  Plain and simple, old trucks make for gorgeous wedding photos, and we love gorgeous wedding photos; mementos to last a lifetime.

{My kind of OBT!!}

 {I so HEART this candy apple red! The groom's yellow bout and those Chucks really pop.}

Are you using an old car or truck in your wedding shoot? We'd love to see your pictures and share them over on our FACEBOOK page!

Have a lovely weekend!

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