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Art Deco Gal's Guide to Kick Ass Bachelorette Parties, Part 2

Alter Your Thinking
Planning a bachelorette party for a unique bride with little interest in strip clubs and penis cakes? You SO know your bridal bestie and like so many these days, want something more creative and personal for the "Last Night Out." You've come to the right place. And with so many fresh ideas, we've had to deliver you two scorching hot posts! Check out Part 1 for vintage, foodie, and crafty inspired events BUT not until you've locked your peepers on these amazing ideas! Let's GO!

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Sports Fan 
There is nothing better than an afternoon watching her favorite sports team; don't forget the bachelorette sashes, flashing veil head bands and bridal beer steins.

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  • More interested in action? Set up a bachelorette baseball game or a round of golf.  
  • Put together an Olympic games party in the backyard for all the entire wedding gang to join as a cheaper alternative. 
  • The afternoon can be devoted to the sporting portion of the bachelorette party while you hit the clubs later that night. 
  • No time for sport? Have a rocking party in a sports bar to watch the big game.

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Outdoor Enthusiast
A camping trip may be just what she would like for her bachelorette party, believe it or not.

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  • Spend overnight in the woods; go biking, climbing or kayaking; or do whatever other outdoor activity she enjoys. 
  • To make it more glamorous and enjoyable for participants who don't enjoy the great outdoors, rent a cabin and throw a slumber party! 
  • Load up on fun snacks (s’mores, anyone?), playing cards, and a cooler full of your favorite beverages!  
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Coffee Chat, High Tea Party
Who can resist a girly chat over custom-made coffee or tea? Add a fresh scone or a decadent muffin and we've got a party! Perfect for a non-drinking bride who likes it a little more low key.

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  • Recreate the best parts of the gourmet coffee experience in your own home with a Designer Coffee Bar Party with a group of friends. 
  • Try a High Tea inspired party if coffee just won't do.
  • Design the party space to invoke feelings of relaxation, friendliness and comfort, with a hint of elegance. 
  • Ask the girls to bring cakes and bakes and enjoy the produce together. 

In Need of Some Relaxation
A day of pampering may be exactly what the wedding doctor ordered. While this may be a common outing, if it fits your bride, then go whole hog - mani, pedi, massage, facial, mimosas, sauna and soak.

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  • If your friend is pregnant, try reflexology or an Indian head massage, both urprisingly relaxing and a change from the usual back massage, which your friend might not find comfortable getting depending on the size of the bump! 
  • If your bride is spiritual you could book a tarot card reader to do everybody’s cards whilst sipping cocktails in your robes. 
  • Need a stress relieving laugh – give her a gag gift! Fill a plastic bucket or a pretty box with marriage "necessities" such as: ear plugs, grannie panties, a roller pin, a rubber chicken, a dog chain, air freshener, a personalized pillow that says "not today", etc. Include funny items that will make her laugh and forget the stress from all the wedding stuff.

Older bride
Maybe the bride has been married before or is in her golden years? Fear not, there are alternatives to the been there done that events. It is important to remember that just because she is older doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t want to let her hair down and party!
  • Try a trip to a musical or a theatre might be fun followed by a meal and salsa lessons. 
  • Chocolate tasting is always a good idea and a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ theme can be an elegant alternative to traditional themes and plastic willies! 
  • Why not bring the party to the bride and have a celebration in the comfort of her own home? Book in a specialist to give her a makeover or even a clairvoyant, or perhaps a chef to cook her a slap-up meal? Just don’t let her do the dishes afterwards! 

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration for celebrating your unique friend in a personal way. Just remember to make it all about her and have fun!! Make sure to check out our bachelorette party ideas Part 1 from earlier today!

Leave us a comment below with some other ideas to add to our Kick Ass Bachelorette Party Guide. As always, we can be found chatting all things wedding on Facebook and Twitter!

Enjoy the planning!
Clare, Art Deco Gal

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