Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{DIY Idea} Ombre Paint Swatch Chandelier from Hey Gorgeous

Ombre is everywhere in the wedding world right now, with cakes, dresses, and especially decor. Couples, planners, designers, love the slight graduation in color that ombre brings to the table. It takes us from the light peach to a deep cantaloupe (insert your wedding color here) and everything in between. I love this trend because it allows you to use many colors within a family and not stick to the matchy match color plan of yesterday.

When I saw this Ombre wedding decor idea over on the Hey Gorgeous blog, I just had to share it. For people who love DIY, this is an ideal project; for those who covet Ombre decor, a perfect idea, for brides who love snatching paint swatches from your local Home Depot...priceless happy dance.

These are all the items you will need to......

...create this gorgeous Ombre Paint Swatch Chandelier

Can you image your entire reception filled with these beautiful creations...the flow, the glow, and so inexpensive, it's just crazy! Chalk this one up under easy, budget decor.

Head over to Hey Gorgeous blog for all the DIY Chandelier instructions. The picture tutorial is so easy to follow; you could have one of these done in a few hours!  Thanks to Rhiannon for this fabulous tutorial. Photos by Jenna McKenzie.

What other DIY Projects are you planning for your wedding? I am a huge supporter of making as much of your wedding as you can; it is fun, personal, and practical, aka budget friendly, save your money. Join us over on Facebook and Twitter for more DIY ideas and bride chatter!

Happy Crafting,

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